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Through Deeply you can enjoy
a variety of different mindfulness features:

Free guided meditations

Choose a single meditation session, or
start with a 5 days Foundation program.

Relaxing Music & Sounds

Enjoy soothing nature sounds
and music.

Offline Listening

Download meditations to listen to
while you are traveling or commuting.

Video Meditation Library

Design your own go-to library of free content
by storing your favorite YouTube videos.

Dark Mode

It matches the beautiful
iOS dark mode.

Monitor Progress

You can monitor your progress on the
number of days and hours you’ve meditated.

Binaural Beats

Listen while you are working
so you can achieve focus.

Mix Sounds

A collection of calming nature sounds
that can be layered.

Breathing Exercises

Controlled breathing exercises can help keep your mind & body in shape, by helping to lower your blood pressure, and promote feelings of calm.

  • Take a little time out of your day to relax and take a few deep breaths.
  • Practicing deep breathing exercises has been proven by science to reduce your heart rate while also making you feel more alert.
  • In addition to visual and audio cues, Deeply App can also use vibrations to help guide you through the exercises.
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The only Meditation App that integrates with other services

More variety with thousands of additional content.

Connect your Premium Spotify

Handpicked collections of music and guided meditations.

Apple Health

Track your mindfulness minutes with Apple Health.

Apple Music

Add your own meditations previously purchased.
{coming soon!}

Youtube Videos

Design your own go-to library of free content by storing/viewing your favorite videos from within the app.


People Love us on Product Hunt!

“I suffer from insomnia and this app helped me to fall asleep faster. I like the option that you can set up a timer, so the sounds will stop playing after for example 15 min. "

Bosa B.
from Apple Store

“Deeply is when mindfulness meets visual design. Looks too good. "

Sharath K.
from Product Hunt

“I've recommended this to coworkers and friends. These mediations help me unwind from everything and they are so quick."

from Play Store

“Good little app! I like that I can add videos from YouTube and create my own library. I have a lot YouTube videos that I am using for yoga. But I am always having trouble to find those that I used previously."

Danijel S
from Play Store
Meditation made simple

Try our Themed Sessions
from Stress and Sleep to Focus and Anxiety.

  • Sleep More
    • Our sleep meditations will help you quiet your mind at the end of a long day.
  • Stress Less
    • Meditation is scientifically proven to lower your stress levels.
  • Live Better
    • Our meditations will help you to increase your capacity for joy, gratitude, and love.

Our App

Meditations from 5 minute to 20+ minutes so you can fit a mental break anytime in your day.


Dozens of studies have shown that meditation actually rewires your brain, firing up specific areas
that calm your nervous system. Here are some of the benefits of meditation:

Better Sleep | Focus | Eases Anxiety | Promotes Compassion
Lowers Blood Pressure | Reduces Stress | Increases Happiness